Hey! My name is Ian van der Loo. Welcome to ILLCUSTOMS.

ILLCUSTOMS restores, customizes and trades exclusive sneakers and clothing and wants to give you the feeling that you are unique with the clothes you wear.

Are you afraid that your sneakers are not wearable or that you even have to throw them away?! Then ILLCUSTOMS offers you a solution. You can be certain that your sneaker will be restored to the best possible value.

ILLCUSTOMS also customizes sneakers. This is the largest and most fun part of the company. The business started with this, to make your sneakers as unique as possible. Customizing is for everyone, young and old. You can order the sneaker of your dreams at ILLCUSTOMS. If you do not yet know how to do that or what you want, that is not a problem. Together with you we come to the most beautiful sneaker, which gives you both satisfaction and is realistic.

What always drives me, is to have a sneaker or garment that can not be found anywhere else. I strive to make the impossible possible.

Are you eager to grab an exclusive pair of sneakers or a garment? Then you can contact ILLCUSTOMS. ILLCUSTOMS sells limited clothing and sneakers from popular brands on request. You can think of brands such as YEEZY, Supreme, Off-White and Palace.

In addition to all this, ILLCUSTOMS also has its own clothing line. This collection has its own label, in which my creativity and thought processes have found a outlet. There will be new releases with some regularity, so keep an eye on ILLCUSTOMS.

So, do you want a GO-TO Person who can fulfill all sneakers and clothing desires? Then come to ILLCUSTOMS.